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Starbucks is Now Delivering

In the newest installment of Starbucks news, everyones favorite love to hate, hate to love coffee company has announced they will be delivering.  According to the newest press release from the company, they’ve developed an app that will let customers order and get hot piping lattes delivered to their door.  This sounds terrific for a hangover Sunday morning, when even leaving the house sounds like the near impossible.

But… bad news, everybody, deliveries will only be made in the Seattle area, and even worse a delivery fee of $5.99 will be added to every order.  This is obviously a trial run for the company and if things go well they will be taking their deliveries cross country but from what we can see there will definitely some kinks that need to be worked out.

Thanks Starbucks for getting our hopes up… and then letting u down, but we wish you all the best in Seattle so sooner or later we can all be graced with door to door latte service.

Starbucks all red Holiday cups via E! Online

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