Kesha’s New Tattoo

Kesha is a pop star that got a mind of her own, she’s one of those girls who couldn’t care less what anyone thinks and thats why we love her. ┬áRecently she’s been upping her tattoo game, which is totally cool, but the most recent ink she’s sporting is a big F U to the world. ┬áThe singer song writer literally had “fuck the world” tattooed on her inner ankle.

Interesting choice of words Kesha… we can only speculate that this is a direct hit towards her previous producer Dr.Luke (who she sued for sexual assault last year) and her label who refuses to let her work with anyone else. If so – you tell em girl!Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.37.14 PM

Photo via Kesha’s Instagram @iiswhoiis



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