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Full House Reunion with no Michelle

Everyone is excited for the Full House Reunion, and why wouldn’t they be.  The return of Uncle Joey and Jesse, and all the girls will be an epic return to childhood.  Unfortunately, as we are all aware Michelle Tanner (Mary Kate and Ashley Olson) will not be appearing on the reunion.  Up until now no one was sure how the absence of the adorable youngest blonde sister would be explained, but now we know! Little Michelle Tanner will be in New York City, becoming a fashion mogul extraordinare.  We take this as a hats off to the Olson twins and their own success.  Word has it the family will prank call not so little Michelle while she is in New York and use her catch phrase “you got it dude” to warm the hearts of all of us who have missed it.

Glad to hear Full House found a way to keep Michelle alive, (haha).



photo via unrealitytv 

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