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Aussie Duo Hoodlem Releases First Single

Hoodlem, the Aussie based duo is making tunes that make us a melt and our earbuds dance.  Today they premiered their new single “Kintsugi.”  In an email, the duo told Nylon Magazine that the song is about “the breakdown of a relationship and the attempt to cover up how broken it is all the while explaining yourself with a big ‘**** you’ attitude.”

“Kintsugi was written when I returned from living in New York last year and I took it into the studio for us to work on,” Hoodlem added. “I was really nervous as to how it would work out, but it is now by far my most favourite studio memory. It just happened so easily. We sampled some strange things. A beer can and a spray bottle ended up hitting the roof of the shed which attributed to the clunky beat we built the song on.”

Kintsugi will be released on their debut EP in March.  Listen below for a taste of whats to come.

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