Sophie Turner Shows Us How to Act in Ryan Goslings Presence

The Ryan Gosling obsession exists in all of us, even if we think we can deny it, we can’t.  There a handful of reactions one can have when in the same vicinity of the major hunk gorgeous superstar we all love so much, they include, a major freak out in which you totally embarrass yourself. You can try to put a sentence together and introduce yourself, inevitably stumbling over your words and potentially your own feet or you can do what Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner did at the SAG Awards, when she saw him, and take the ultimate selfie.

We opt for the last choice, so thanks Sophie Turner, for guidelines on how to properly react to Ryan Goslings presence.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4.36.08 PM

Caption: “Sorry boys, off the Market”



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