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M.I.A “Boom ADD” Is The Last Word

M.I.A has never been one to stay silent, and her newest track “Boom ADD” is the perfect example.  After her performance at the Superbowl in 2012 in which she flipped the bird mouthing “I don’t give a shit” and was sued by the NFL, she has finally come out with a reaction piece.

It begins with a recording of a lawyer saying, “They’re suing you for damaging their fantastic reputation by flipping the bird. They can only come after you for half of your income over $500,000 per year or all of your income over $5 million per year.”

Following the ever the familiar “Boom (Skit)” beat drowns out the voice  and original lyrics like “Brown girl, brown girl / Turn your shit down / You know America don’t wanna hear your sound” juxtaposed with the spoken introduction really drive home the message if you weren’t listening before. Bonus, “Boom ADD” is also almost twice as long as “Boom (Skit)” with additional verses.

We’re loving it!


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