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Instagram May Be Changing More Than We’d Like

First things first, Instagram is now adding time stamps to photos (YAY). The time stamps will include actual dates instead of “2 weeks ago,” which is exciting and will make any IG stalking so much easier (we all do it, it’s fine).

Now Instagram has just announced another change, one that we are not so happy about. Instagram wants to get rid of their chronological timeline, and instead bring those photos or videos that seem best suited to you through a personal algorithm to the top of your feed. It seems like the app is trying to get one step closer to Facebook, and I personally hate how disorganized my Facebook feed can be (why do I get updates from 3 days ago and 30 minutes ago right below each other?!). The change is said to be tested on a few accounts before it is full force. Maybe they’ll decide against it, but only time will tell.


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