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Powerpuff Me is the Most Adorable Thing Yet

If you dreamt of being a Powerpuff girl or boy back in the day, well, that day has finally come! Shout out to Cartoon Network for allowing us to live out our 90’s fantasies of being made of sugar, spice, everything nice, and don’t forget a tiny bit of chemical x. Cartoon Network has created a site,, where you can customize your own Powerpuff character. There are loads of options, with various skin colors, hair styles, accessories (!!!), outfits, shoes, and backgrounds. The site was very inclusive with not just skin color, but also gender.

You’re probably thinking this is out of nowhere. Why would Cartoon Network launch this now, so long after the show disappeared? Well, this is even better news: Cartoon Network will have a Powerpuff Girls reboot today, April 4th.

Here was my Powerpuff Me. Feel free to show us yours!


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