First Trailer for Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ is Here

The first trailer for Star Wars‘ spinoff Rogue One has arrived, and features yet another British babe. Felicity Jones, based on the trailer, seems to be the key player in this film. Just an FYI: Rogue One is part of a spinoff series, and is not part of the new trilogy story that began with The Force Awakens. The ‘Rogue One’ story goes as follows: A rebel named Jyn Erso (Jones) is asked by the Rebellion to lead a group of fellow rebels in an effort to steal the plans of the Death Star. The story would take place right before Episode IV, which means we don’t yet know who Luke Skywalker is.

Rogue One will hit theaters December 16th, and there will likely be pre-sales in advance of this date (I’m already counting down the days). You can watch the trailer below.

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