M.I.A. Teases New Song in H&M Campaign Video

M.I.A., bad ass outspoken music goddess, has teamed up with H&M and not for a clothing line, but for something even better. She will be working on a charity initiative that involves recycling clothing. H&M has had this program in their stores for quite some time and it’s a great cause (and easy way to get rid of your old clothes), and they’ll actually reward you with a coupon!

H&M has released a campaign teaser video featuring a clip of one of M.I.A.’s new songs called “Rewear It.” The full video for the song is expected to be released on Monday and because it is M.I.A., we can expect the song to be extremely opinionated and informative on environmental issues. M.I.A. stated the following in a press release for H&M:“World Recycle Week is about embracing important environmental issues such as the landfills, and highlighting a global movement.”

The in-store donation event will be from April 18-24, and you can watch the video below. Happy closet cleaning!


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