#AerieMan Model Didn’t Know Campaign Was a Joke

Remember Aerie‘s not-so-cool April Fool’s Joke, #AerieMan? Well, one of their male models had no idea the disappointingly fake campaign was a joke. Blogger Kelvin Davis has revealed his disappointment with the campaign, saying,“I want to be clear, my involvement and stance for body positivity is 100% real. There is no joke about that whatsoever.”  He continued, “Of course the bubble bath, butt selfies and yoga were meant for comical relief of a newly and sensitive topic. I was a model in the campaign and every word I said was real and came from my heart! Body image is something I have and still struggle with to this day. As a man I try to open that dialogue through my blog and social media!”

The campaign initially seemed too good to be true, and then made many uncomfortable when Aerie stated it was a joke. Not telling the models involved is a whole other level of uncomfortable.

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