Mr. Robot Season Two Trailer 2 is Finally Here

If you didn’t catch season one of Mr. Robot, it’s a fantastic series by USA Network about a hacker in New York City. The revolution resumes this July with the second season, which will pick up right after the financial breakdown of season one.

President Barack Obama himself shows up in the season two trailer, announcing a press conference, and remarks, “There hasn’t been anything like this in the past. This is going to be affecting our economy in ways that are extraordinarily significant.”

In the trailer, the FBI has a subject in mind and mentions Tyrell Wellick (phew!). This new season will shed some light on what really happened to Elliot Anderson those 3 days prior to the meltdown and of course, Christian Slater will be returning as his deceased father. Throughout the series, Slater serves as Elliot’s moral compass and hopefully he can jog his memory.

Mr. Robot Season Two Trailer is Finally Here


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