Ariana Grande Hopes for “Better Days”

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet have collaborated using their voices for good in light of recent violent events around the country. After the murders of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile and violent events against police in Dallas, the two singers decided to speak up in a way that was creative and fosters a unified front.

Grande took to Instagram and wrote about the track saying, ““During this challenging time, we have to remember that the only way we will progress is if the overruling force is #Love. We believe we can not fight hate with hate, only love. Just as we can not fight darkness with more darkness. Only Light. Too many precious lives were taken from us this week, this month, this year.”

The track is very much true to Grande and Monet’s style of slow R&B but it is very much politically charged. “How we gonna stop the violence, stop the hurting, stop the hatred, stop the murders? / We’re all human, that’s for certain. Come together, we deserve it”

You can listen to the track below.


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