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Drake: Is it too soon to say he is one of the G.O.A.T.’s ?


Drake has overcome all limits placed upon him. Going from his childhood acting career as playing Jimmy in Degrassi, to growing into adulthood to becoming the world’s most famous celebrity this generation has seen. Drake is an artist without limits, allowing himself to be identified as an artist of such diversity. He has become this creative genius who can not comprehend what boundaries are.

His diversity in his musical content has allowed him to excel to the top. From singing emotionally driven love ballads to doing pop records to spitting mean 16’s has allowed him to become an iconic figure. Drake’s ability to be so diverse has allowed him to have an immense fan base, by creating entire projects that satisfy the needs of different fans.

“Marvin’s Room” was a record that Noah, “40,” and Drake created “outside of work.” 40 stated in a interview with Dave Pensado that “Marvin’s Room” was created after the fact that they had spend a lengthy day in the studio working on their project. “Marvin’s Room” was a song that was created for fun, not knowing that it would be bound to be the monster record it is.

Drake’s rap beef with Meek Mill allowed him to flaunt his bars over a diss record. “Back to Back” was Drake’s response to Meek’s allegations and his taunting of hiring a ghostwriter. “Back to Back” went viral and got highly acknowledged throughout mainstream culture. Not only did “Back to Back” become a club anthem, but it was also nominated for a Grammy.

And with records like “Hold On We’re Going Home (HOWGH),” and “Controlla,” Drake has dominated the charts. Although HOWGH is a more of a pop driven record, Controlla is a more reggae driven record. “Controlla” is a single off his recently released album Views. The song is very popular amongst mainstream culture, and the record only seems to be growing as time goes on.
Although the debate of whether Drake can be considered one of the greatest rappers of all times is always debatable, due to lyricists such as Big Pun, Rakim, Nas, & etc, setting the bar so high, Drake can be considered, if not the greatest artist, one of the greatest artists of this generation.


Credit: The Source Magazine
Credit: The Source Magazine


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