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Surprise, Witch

Thought you’d seen the last of Blair Witch? Think again. A trailer for the sequel is coming soon. The deets? Director Adam Wingard revealed that the new film The Woods (now being renamed to Blair Witch) which he screened at Comic Con will be a sequel to The Blair Witch ProjectGet ready to reenter the words of Burkitsville, MD. with a new set of college students this time.

This trailer has the same vibes as its predecessor and shows a new group of college kids going off into the spooky woods that are haunted by a legend of the Blair Witch. The character James, played by James Allen McCune thinks he has seen his sister, who had disappeared in the 1999 movie, while watching a video on Youtube. He rounds up some friends to go to the forest and do some investigating.

“We wanted an experience like a haunted hayride through the Blair Witch woods,” director Wingard said after the screening, citing the importance of the beloved classic from nearly two decades ago. The movie hits theaters September 16th but meanwhile, here’s the trailer below.

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