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Primo Profit: Artist To Look Out For

If you are familiar with Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel, Primo Profit gives off the contemporary feel when he spits a raw 16.

Primo Profit, also known as Periko Preme, is a young rapper from Boston, MA. He was born and raised “across the Tobin,” as he identifies the East Boston and the Chelsea area in his raps.

Primo first debuted on the rap scene in early 2011 with the release of his first project, Colombian Necktie. Colombian Necktie was more than a mixtape, it was a street album. The project had all original production, which is something rare when it comes to an unsigned independent artist. Primo had his project blessed by some of the heavy hitters in the game. The project had features from artists such as French Montana, Chinx, Sen City, and Gab Gotcha.

The record “Fast Money” featured French Montana and Chinx. The record was made originally in 2010 to be released as a single for the Colombian Necktie project. 5 years after the release, the record was remade to be released as a single off Primo’s upcoming project as a way to pay respects to the deceased rapper Chinx after his murder.

Primo is currently working on his upcoming project which the title is yet to be released. The project is all original production, mostly produced by Prod by Teyo. The soulful samples with the heavy 808 productions give a nostalgic feel with a modern twist. I’ve heard the project personally, and classify it as “quality street music.” Prod by Teyo and Primo’s collaboration is something that with the proper promotion and marketing can be big.

So far, strip club records like “Let it Go,” have been released and have been picked up by DJ’s. DJ E Dubble plays the record regularly on Boston’s major urban station, JamN 94.5, during his Launchpad segment.

The music video for “No Love” featuring Boston artist, Radar, was released with a top of the line video production. Boston CEO, the director, took it the next level using effects and tricks off the drone.

Primo Profit and his team anticipate a lot of good reception from the release of his project due to all the hard work and creativity that has been committed. Primo Profit is definitely an artist to look out for.

Inside sources have also informed that there may be a possibility for a song and music video featuring a MAJOR artist on the project. Clearances are currently waiting to be cleared.

If Escobar was alive he would’ve co-signed.



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