Pokémon Go Testing An Exciting New Feature

Pokémon Go is still a hallmark in mobile gaming, despite incidents involving injuries and trespassing. The developers of the game, Niantic, have had some issues with the game including tracking of the pocket monsters and serious server issues that made the game virtually unusable for many players for days at a time. Niantic may be making up for their update that took away the ‘footsteps’ which indicated how far one was from a specific Pokémon, by providing an even better tracking tool.

The first change in the update is the banning of third-party tracking, which several sources indicated Niantic was very aware of. The new system, which is currently in beta, somewhat resembles the tracking of third party apps. You can simply click on a gym and see which Pokémon are nearby.

Not all players have immediate access to this feature, though (I am currently seeing leaves of grass behind Pokémon in the “Sightings” area). The new update does feature the absent battery-saving mode and some minor bug fixes. Hopefully we can all have the updated tracking feature soon!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.10.13 AM

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