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New ‘American Horror Story’ Teasers Take Us One Step Closer to A Mysterious Theme

FX has just dropped some new teasers for the sixth season of American Horror Storyand they are SCARY. We have been trying to guess a theme for this season, and they really aren’t making it easy for us. This new batch of teasers are just as mysterious as the last, but the good news is they’re just as creepy.

One features a creature that looks a lot like Gollum that inches closer to the camera and then leaps towards it, with definite ill intentions. Another features a lone woman walking up a flight of stairs followed by a haunting shadow. In the next, there is a wind chime made out of teeth that gets destroyed by a nurse with a pair of sheers.

Despite the new clips, we are no closer to figuring out what the theme is for the series’ sixth season. According to the network’s CEO John Landgraf this is the point. He said, “Every year, we’ve basically laid out the themes, the new genre that [showrunner Ryan Murphy’s] going to be approaching, and we just thought [this year] it’d be really fun to keep it a mystery. So, we are.”

Hopefully we are given the theme soon, but until then, we will continue guessing. The sixth season premieres September 14th.

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