More Amy Adams in ‘Arrival’ Trailer

Alien and space invader films have established a genre with conventions of its own, but Arrival is about to change it all. Last week’s snippet trailer for the film left us hanging, with linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) just about to make contact with some otherworldly beings from egg-shaped spaceships as they descend upon earth. The new full length trailer for the Denis Villeneuve directed film shows Banks actually making contact and gets much closer than we all expected.

In the trailer, we find ourselves wondering what exactly are the goals of these beings. Do they mean us harm? Are they trying to help us? Are they friend or foe? Will they bring us the new Frank Ocean record? Whatever their goals, the film looks to be breaking barriers and conventions that Independence Day overblown films have established. It hits theaters November 11th, right in time for award season, and we can’t wait. You can see the new trailer below.

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