Surprise: There’s a New ‘Ring’ Movie

Samara crawled out of a TV and into our nightmares several years ago and now she’s back. The bad-hair-day girl is the focus of the new trailer for the latest installment in the horror series, and this one is called Rings. The film will serve as a sequel to its two predecessors, The Ring and The Ring Two. The premise of the film remains the same: watch a creepy video that has to do with the death of a young girl via the notorious well and you will die an awful death in seven days.

Matilda Lutz is taking over for Naomi Watts, who stupidly decides to watch THE video in order to save her boyfriend, who has become obsessed with the subculture involving the video. She ends up discovering a movie within a movie (Inception???) that no one has seen before, which of course, isn’t good. The film heats theaters October 28th, and you can see the trailer below. Enjoy!

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