James Franco + Selena Gomez Star In ‘In Dubious Battle’ Trailer

After teaming up in 2013’s Spring Breakers, James Franco and Selena Gomez have joined forces once again. This time it’s in In Dubious Battle based on 1963 John Steinbeck novel about Jim Nolan, a migrant worker who fights back against oppressive landowners taking advantage of employees and cheating them out of fair wages. In the first trailer, we see Nat Wolff as Nolan, Gomez as his love interest, and an impressive supporting cast that includes Bryan Cranston, Ashley Greene, Josh Hutcherson, Zach Braff, and Keegan Allen.

The Franco-Gomez seems unlikely, as one is an Oscar winning actor and the other is a pop star trying to find her place in the film world but we know this film is going to be great. The film will have its world premiere in Venice at the Venice Film Festival before screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. You can watch the trailer below.

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