Ben Affleck in Director’s Chair for ‘Live By Night’

Ben Affleck is in the director chair for the upcoming gangster thriller Live By Night. The last time he directed a film, he won an Oscar so this is pretty promising. We can’t say that Live By Night is the next Argo but we have high expectations. Affleck plays Joe Coughlin, son of Boston police captain who returns home from WWI and gets into some Prohibition trouble in the most predictable state ever, Florida. Over time, he becomes a full fledged kingpin with three women in his life: Sienna Miller as the flapper femme fatale, Zoe Saldana as the one who has his heart, and Elle Fanning as some spiritual leader.

Affleck adapted the film based on a novel by Dennis Lehane and it marks his last dabble in mid-budget filmmaking before he directs and stars in the Batman movie next year. Live By Night was supposed to hit theaters last year but was pushed back a few times for unknown reasons. It will be released January 13th, and you can see the trailer below until then. Enjoy!

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