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Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal Star in ‘Nocturnal Animals’

This year Tom Ford returns with his second major film, Nocturnal Animals, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. Amy Adams plays Susan Morrow, an art gallery owner with a not-so-great marriage. One day, she receives a manuscript by her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal). Her husband is off on a “business trip,” she she decides to read the novel, and the film moves between the dramatization of the novel and the present day. Gyllenhaal is also the protagonist in the dramatization of the novel.

There’s already a lot of talk about the film. Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian said it is a “terrifically absorbing thriller with that vodka-kick of pure malice.” The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney calls Ford an “intoxicating sensualist and an accomplished storyteller.”

There’s no set date for when it is to be out in theaters. All we know is it’s “soon,” according to the Trailer which you can watch below.

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