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Justice Drops Single “Randy” and Teases New Album

It’s been five years since Justice hit dance floors with their music and the Parisian duo is back with their upcoming LP entitled Woman. To give fans reasonably high expectations, they launched a preview of the album by dropping a single from it, “Randy.”

According to Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay, the track began as an “industrial techno track,” but evolved into more, because well it’s Justice. “Like if you’re in the car with your best friends or your lover or your kids,” de Rosnay told BBC Radio 1′s Annie Mac about the feel of the track. He says most of the album has this vibe as well.

“Every time we start with a couple of ideas, and as we make the record, they change a lot and they drift a bit, but the general mood we were in was to make a welcoming record,” de Rosnay added. He mentions we can expect the album in November but until then, you’ve got “Randy” to get you through. Listen below.

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