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Watch the First 5 Minutes Of The ‘Rocky Horror’ Reboot

Like anyone, we are hesitant about The Rocky Horror Picture Show being turned into a TV movie, but as more is revealed about it, the more exciting the idea is. Our interest peaked when Laverne Cox playing Frank-N-Furter was announced. This week, Victoria Justice gave us some teasers of what’s to come.

First she tweeted a clip of her “Touch Me” number and you can listen to her version of the song in full here. Fox also debuted the first five minutes of the show’s opening number on Periscope.

The video shows Ivy Levan singing “Science Fiction Double Feature” as she works at a concession stand, taking moviegoers’ tickets and then eventually serenades the camera.

If you missed the live reveal on Periscope, you have to make your way to Twitter and tweet #Trixie in order to unlock the video (annoying, but smart, Fox). It previews on October 20th on FOX, and we cannot wait!


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