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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Star In ‘Passengers’ Trailer

What happens if you put two of the biggest movie stars right now, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, in space? We see for ourselves in the Passengers trailer, the anticipated sci-fi romance in which Pratt and Lawrence play two passengers hibernating on a 120-year ride to a space colony (whaaaat?) where we suppose they’ll live happily ever after. When they wake up though, they find out they’re 90 years early.

The good news: unlimited privacy. The bad? Well, of course, like in any space movie, the space craft has some mechanical difficulties and Pratt’s character has a secret.

The original space saga is helmed by Morten Tyldum, the Norwegian director who proved himself with the critically acclaimed drama, The Imitation Game.

The movie hits theaters December 21st, but until then, you can watch the trailer below. Enjoy!

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