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Zara Releases The Brand’s First Sustainable Collection

Zara has announced the launch of its first sustainable collection called #JoinLife which serves as an extension of their fall line. The collection includes neutral-toned jackets, blouses, dresses, trousers, and more. The pieces are made with organic cotton, recycled wool, and Tencel which are all meant to reduce the brand’s environmental impacts. According to the website, “The collection embraces a woman who looks into a more sustainable future.”

Outside of the line, the brand has been making other efforts to be more sustainable and environmentally conscientious. They now ship in boxes made of recycled cardboard, have added clothing donation in their stores, use some renewable energy sources to run their website. We applaud the fast fashion retailer for this but we wonder just how much is it helping, given that fast fashion retailers are responsible for a great deal of the fashion industry’s environmental problems.

Despite the brand stealing work from independent artists lately, being more environmentally friendly is a positive step and we hope that other fast fashion retailers will start thinking of the environment as well.


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