Leonardo DiCaprio Will Save Us ‘Before the Flood’

The Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio really does not take a break. He has been one of the most vocal advocates for climate change awareness, and this just so happens to be the focal point of his upcoming documentary, Before the Flood.

The documentary is directed by Fisher Stevens and follows Leo on his journey to the ends of the earth as he witnesses the effects of climate change firsthand. “We’ve known about this for centuries—for over half a decade,” he says in the film’s first trailer. “Try to have a conversation with anyone about climate change, people just tune out. And the problem seems to be getting worse and worse and worse.”

The trailer also showcases Leo’s incredible influence when it comes to getting the attention of powerful people. You’ll see in the trailer (no spoilers). You can watch the trailer below, that is until the documentary is aired on National Geographic October 31st.

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