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The Weeknd Releases Video For ‘Starboy’

The Weeknd released an epic track in collaboration with Daft Punk last week, after teasing the title of his new album and the album art work. A video for the new song dropped today on Vevo. Rejoice!

Before the video begins, we see the Weeknd as we know him – dreadlocks and all – being strangled with a plastic bag. Fast forward to his death, and Starboy appears, sans locs and in a very New York color palette ensemble (black, of course). The new version of the singer walks around smashing pretty much everything around as a painting of Daft Punk looms in the background. Once the damage is done, he rides off with a black panther in the passenger seat.

The Grant Singer directed video already received a MTV EMAs nomination for best video. You can check out the video below.

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