Hip Hop & Mary Jane

Hip Hop & Mary Jane

The main stream culture seems to be coming to a seismic collision with the weed/marijuana industry. There seems to be an endless race from all corners of the chasm to claim their stake in the growing industry (no pun intended). I scowered the internet for some pieces on the matter: I found a few that were interesting and decided to share them with you:


I think with the pandemic stirring up a lot of entrepreneur’s loins, many people will take this opportunity to see how the can capitalize on the budding industry (again, an attempt at a corny pun, promise NO MORE).

I am not MAD at it, whatsoever. It is a great industry to dive into and its growth rate is projected to be over 20%, YoY. You don’t necessarily have to be a grower, either. You can find a foothold in an ancillary business (a business that supports or in conjunction with the marijuana biz), such as growing machines, apps, paraphernalia, and big data.

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re 110% committed because this wave is only going to ride until about 2025 and it looks like competition is HEATING up, day by day. Even if you capture only a small market share thats still enough to sustain as a small business enterprise, over time.. and who knows, maybe later on down the line one of the BIG BOYS will come scoop you up with a nice, fat check without “blowing any smoke in your face” (I lied about that being the last one).

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