The Allure of ONLY FANS

It came rumbling down the tracks like a steam engine and has seemed only to keep growing FASTER & STRONGER: its your boyfriends wet dream and your girlfriends WORST nightmare: ONLY FANS. So what makes this secret underbelly of the internet so attractive to some and taboo to most? Lets find out…

As if there weren’t a multitude of ways to objective and degrade women ALL over the internet, move over here comes ONLY FANS. What started out seemingly as a cult underground DIY porn-site has evolved into this 3-headed hydra that many have NO CLUE WTF it is.

Onlyfans is this “mystical” land where anyone can become WHOMEVER they want; WITHOUT the stigma of being labeled just that: If you want to do porn but NOT be labeled as a pornstar, this is the place. If you’re into Exhibitionism without the tag of being a Cam-girl (or guy) then you’ve come to the right spot. Pretty much anything on the sexual spectrum is allowed (and to some extent promoted) without the risk of being shut down or “labeled” like you would on other social media sites.

The pandemic of 2020 has made ONLY FANS even more attractive to our generation. All that time at home, no social interaction and public angst has led to this boiling pot of emotions that have forced many to find ways to not only make money but explore new ways of interacting with others through the web. Its actually quite simple yet elaborate: you set up a private account, set the terms of your subscription and let all the creeps and weirdos from all corners of the universe tell you how hot and sexy you are ALL while fantasizing about how they would otherwise sexually assault you in the real world. Oh yea, and if they enjoy the perversion enough, they may also tip you (just leave the money on the nightstand).

The heavy-lifting isn’t much, and like infomercials in the early 90’s its pretty much the same gimmick: “just set it AND forget it”. The money comes in based on the number of people you can lure in for a monthly subscription but if you really want to see how far you can go then updating it constantly with “provocateur” may turn this dark horse into a full fledged monthly biz. All you really need is smartphone and a BURNING ambition to let the world know your dick size or what hole you enjoy getting plugged. Whatever floats your boat.

In the end, its hard to tell what exactly this thing IS or what it will become; but one thing is for certain: it’s here to STAY. Like it or not, in my opinion its the Social Media of porn and can either make or break you. It is what it is.

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