The New Tinder

Walk into a bar, see a guy you think is cute, go up and say hello… This has become a totally foreign concept to […]

Black is the new Red

Black lipstick has been a theme in gothic culture for, like ever… But, its slowly becoming mainstream and girls everywhere need to know how […]

The Return of Jerry Seinfeld

For all of those who watch Seinfeld throughout the 90’s the chance to see him perform in present day is upon us.  The start […]

Kylie Breaks the Internet

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the bombshell Kardashian clan has set out on her own, using the asset everyone knows her for… those luscious […]

Kristen Stewart as Coco Chanel

Today marks the day that Karl Lagerfeld will premiere his newest short film, on the life and times of Coco Chanel.  Hollywoods own Kristen […]

End of An Era

Sad news in the world of sports today: Kobe Bryant aka “Black Mamba” has officially announced that this will be his last season in […]

Hot New: Bryson Tiller

Up-next artist Bryson Tiller is making waves in the music industry with debut album: “Trap Soul“.  Coming straight out of  the “502” – many […]

Kim K’s $1MIL Gift Necklace

  Check out this hefty Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker that Kim K is requesting as a pregnancy gift from Yeezy! This necklace runs for around […]